Casting Real Baseball Players in Dallas, Texas.

$3000 Commercial Casting Call for Real Baseball Players in Dallas, Texas.

Casting directors are looking for female baseball and softball pitchers and male baseball batters, catchers and other players.

Talent that are selected will be compensated between $1200 to $3000

These roles are for active or former playing athletes, not for actors playing roles.
We are looking for minor leaguers or recently retired professionals. If you plan to or play sports collegiately please check with your coach before submitting to avoid issues with scholarships and UIL restrictions.

  • FEMALE BASEBALL SOFTBALL PITCHER – any ethnicity – 18-30 years old
    An athlete, capable of pitching like a pro baseball player. Think the skill level + of a grown-up Mone Davis
  • MALE BASEBALL BATTER – any ethnicity – 18-35 years old
    Large, intimidating male baseball player. Barry Bonds, Mike Trout type. Big hitters, muscular, tall and broad.
  • MALE BASEBALL CATCHER – any ethnicity – 18-35 years old
    Athlete, male, knows the game, the equipment and how to throw pitch signals.
  • MALE INFIELD PLAYERS – any ethnicity – 18-35 years old
    Athletic, male, knows the game, the equipment and how to play.
  • UMPIRES – any ethnicity – 40-60 years old. Seen it all.

You must be available for all dates.

RateSAG Scale. a possible print option for $1,200 – $3,000. We can see Union and Non Union talent for this project.

Fitting Date – March 28, 2015, paid for fittings.

Shoots Date – Monday March 30, 2015 – Night shoot, simulated baseball game.

Usage – The intended initial scope of use at this time is cable, local, industrial U.S. and its territories and internet worldwide for one year.

LocationDFW Area – all talent will work as local hire.

Please submit your profile if you’re available.

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