Landing The Gig

If you’re a new member, or have even been a member for 5 years there are always ways to improve your profile. and increase your chances of being cast.

No photo yet1. For starters, you need a picture! Odds are a casting director isn’t going to book you on a job based on your name and your skill set. They want to see you. They want to see you playing sports, they want to see your headshots, they want to see you reading lines. But bottom line is, they want to see you. So post a picture, and be seen. A selfie is better than nothing.

Soccer2. Next, if possible set your default photo of you playing the sport that you’re applying for. When casting directors are searching for say soccer players, that’s the only thing on their mind, soccer. So if your profile is of you playing basketball, the casting director may skip right over, because you don’t fit into the ‘soccer’ image.


Contact info

3. Finally update your contact information. Nothing is more aggravating for a casting director than finding talent, and trying to contact them, and running into a dead email, or disconnected phone. If the casting director can’t contact you, they can’t book you, and you’ll miss your next opportunity.

* Pro tip – While you’re updating your contact information, take a moment to verify your stats, such as height and weight. If you’re listed as 5’8″ 150 lbs, and you show up at 6’1″ 210, you’re going to cause problems, and delays.

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