Increase Your Chances of Being Cast

There are a few ways you can significantly increase your chances of being cast for a production.
Be sure to read and follow the steps below.


  • – Have updated contact information. If casting directors cant contact you because you have an old email or phone number listed then they can’t cast you. They need to get in touch with you first.

  • – Reply promptly. If a casting director wants to know if you’re available on a certain day, respond quickly, even if you won’t know your availability for a few hours. Respond to them to let them know that you got the email and you’re going to get back to them.

  • – Have the correct sports listed in your profile. If a casting call calls for baseball players with college experience, and you never played in college don’t apply for the casting call.

  • – Apply to the correct casting calls. If a casting call asks for local talent only, and you’re across the country don’t apply, you won’t be selected.

  • – Have an updated profile picture. You will never be cast with out a photo, if you need help uploading one See Here


Following these 5 tips will significantly increase your odds of being selected for a job.

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